World War 2

More Northern France 1940 action

Northern France, 1940, and the BEF continues its attempts to resist the Wehrmacht's assaults. This was the second WW2 Spearhead game Andy had played, and this time he opted to command the BEF forces.Using Keith McNelly's Scenario Generation System, I'd created a British Armoured Division Defend list, and a German Panzer Division Attack list. There were errors in my lists, as I realised a little too late, in particular, I'd taken two British Armoured Regiments at half strength when the system normally allows reduced strength units that have had no more than a third of their fighting stands removed. However I guess as we are the authors of our own scenarios, this was OK.In this game I layered in artillery, with both sides having access to divisional artillery, and both having corp level guns available for limited counter-battery work.The battlefield, with BEF defending from the left, the German forces attacking from the right Andy deployed one battalion forward holding the most advanced objective, with a s

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