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Battle Report – This is Not a Test – Mutant: Year Zero

It has been fifteen years since the Ark beneath T-EC flooded and the the enclave of Free-Dome was established in the ruins of Hog-Towne. The Elders led the varied species to the massive concrete and steel structure that was half shade and half sun. The vast network beneath the structure was partially collapsed and flooded by the rising waters but the massive rows of seats were easily stripped away and turned into rows and rows of shanties and homes. The ancient sports-field in the centre was replaced by agriculture and the massive gates fortified to keep out both technological and animal predators. Outside Free-Dome the rubble of a collapsed tower forms a land-bridge to The Island. This area, naturally fortified by the inland sea of Big O has collected the dissidents who were not able to integrate into Free-Dome after the ark. Primarily aggressive Predator species, these exiles are uneasy neighbors to the Domers. To the North, South, East and West lie the Zones of Hog-Towne. What dangers lurk there only the S

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