DIY Age of Sigmar – Sylvaneth Wyldwood

Idea Last spring I got hooked on Age of Sigmar. I had previously been playing Orcs in Kings of War and wanted to pick a faction that had a bit more finesse and a tactical play style. Orcs are very much a run straight at the enemy and ‘smash better than they do’ army. I spent some time looking through the current factions in AoS and Sylvaneth looked like a good fit. I really liked the aesthetic of haunted forests and their gameplay utilized lots of magic and movement chicanery. Sylvaneth Wyldwoods, a faction specific terrain piece, are a central part of both of those mechanics. At the beginning of the game 1, 2 or 3 of these are placed on the table. Enemies can be damaged and impeded by them. Friendlies can get buffs from and teleport between them. Heroes can also summon additional wyldwoods. So a number of these terrain pieces are necessary to play. The games workshop kit looks pretty neat, but also comes with a $33 price tag attached to it. I looked at it and thought,’I can probably save a

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