Warhammer Underworlds - Ylthari's Guardians - TO DONE!

Ylthari's Guardians - TO DONE!Lets start with Ylthari, admittedly my least favourite, and still so, but she came good in the end. The tree sprite is cute, vines were defined and the dark wood is alright but her face didn't quite work for me and I couldn't quite get the detail I was after.Still, I'm far from disappointed, in fact I'm really quite pleased with the result as she was so far behind compared to the other 3 and I just couldn't see the vines working.Admittedly I haven't done much to them to make them 'work' but just the basic application of the highlights to the washed and glazed base coat has managed to lift it out of the realm of mediocrity. The Silver Birch bark markings on her wand/staff worked out nicely too.Horny Dude aka - Skhathael. What works - sword, [possibly] horns, hair and skin. What I'm dubious about is his bark loin cloth and his face. The horns are reminiscent of Silver Birch thanks to the bark splits but because they're obviously horns it's a little confusing - like p

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