Our WFRP Campaign on Youtube.

Hi All,Sorry for not posting in awhile, life has a way of getting in the way of hobby stuff. I've been meaning to share this list of youtube videos from our WFRP campaign. Michal has given me permission to post them here and I will set up a page to post the links for easy reference. I joined the group somewhere towards the end of the "Heralds of Woe" campaign. I'm not sure which session yet. The sessions are about 3 hours each. I've toyed with the idea of stripping the audio and editing them down to 1 hour chunks for a podcast format. But honestly I don't know if I have the stamina for that.Any way, here's the list:WFRP - "Pretty Things""Pretty Things" Playlist:…Session 01: 02: 03A: 03B: - "Everybody's Talking at Me""Everybody's Talking at Me" Playlist:…Session 01: https:

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Savannah Terrain

This is diorama-level scenery building, but almost everything he does in this video is applicable to wargamer-proof terrain too and the final result looks awesome. Paepercuts is a great channel; he was quiet for a while but has been putting out new stuff regularly now and is well worth the subscription over on YouTube. One of the comments in the Savannah video describes the host of these as “the Bob Ross of scenery videos” and I realized that’s one of the things I like about him, there’s none of the “HEYYYYYYY GUYSSSSSSSSSSS” weird loudness that is apparently standard issue in far too many other YT videos. As for me and my house, I’m still not doing much gaming-related stuff but I can feel the new-project itch starting up. This might be something completely different, away from the various 28mm projects I’ve spent time on the last five years or so. Possibly Russian Civil War at a grand tactical small scale, 6mm or even 2mm/3mm for that “miles of open step

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Little Wars TV at Fall IN!

Once again, as I mentioned at HISTORICON 2018, Little Wars TV did a bang up job covering a HMGS convention.  I like these guys– they are tongue in cheek and very funny, as well as good visual stylists.  Since I could safely say I’m part of the a small wave of negative reports about the Host and its many deficiencies in responding to customer needs for Fall IN!, I think I’m going to earn a little karmic credit and present these guys to adjust the cosmic balance a little.   Enjoy!  I know I did.  Advertisements __ATA.cmd.push(function() { __ATA.initSlot('atatags-26942-5bee66c6e2106', { collapseEmpty: 'before', sectionId: '26942', width: 300, height: 250 }); }); __ATA.cmd.push(function() { __ATA.initSlot('atatags-114160-5bee66c6e2108', { collapseEmpty: 'before', sectionId: '114160', width: 300, height: 250 }); });

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