Zlpla Girls in Action Cassie

Cassie over and out! Finally painted something for myself. I managed to get a zlpla 1/35 miniature painted up for one of the entry in my local painting event. This miniature is Cassie from zlpla 1/35 range called Girls in Action series. It is resin based. First impression of the miniature was that some of the details were not that sharp. The hand and fingers were not crisp at all with individual fingers, and along with some minor air bubble on the body magazine area. Assembling it took a while with patching and sanding. I guess probably this Cassie I had was an unlucky piece. I have the other miniature Aalyah, which the quality and details were good and ok. Guess its just a matter of unlucky. Once assembled and painted, Cassie still looks good and natural, all thanks to the good pose sculpting. I wanted to paint Cassie up as a special force agent. So I went with black and khaki sort of colour theme. The style was more of a subtle shading and blending without the strong outline style as with other fantasy mini

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